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Content Designer
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VentureDive Overview

Founded in 2012 by veteran technology entrepreneurs from MIT and Stanford, VentureDive is the fastest growing technology company in the region that develops and invests in products and solutions that simplify and improve lives of people world-wide. We aspire to create a technology organization and an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region that are recognized as second to none in the world.


Key Responsibilities

Today, we see 5,000 ads a day ... And it's getting worse! The world does not need more content - it needs better content. The Content Designer creates compelling stories for VentureDive Marketing through visual mediums (text, images, videos). Such stories should be both creatively told and useful to our audience. This role is part writing, part visual design, and part UX. You should feel comfortable producing original content from scratch and working on delivering it independently. You will be expected to do:


  • Content Design: Design, and direct rich media content, including infographics, videos, podcasts, webinars geared towards our B2B marketing efforts. 
  • Marketing Ad Design: Design promotional assets that compel an audience to take action.
  • Video Design: Craft storyboards, create & produce videos, and share fresh video content ideas with the team
  • Copywriting: Write long-form content including blogs to generate website traffic, convert visitors into leads on digital channels, and nurture them into becoming customers
  • Story Concepting. Brainstorm, develop and design concepts for quality content for our brand and target audience.


Skills and Eligibility

  • Experience: Content designers come from many career paths. You are especially encouraged to apply if you have experience exhibiting a mixture of these skills: journalism, communications, graphic designing, video editing, motion graphics, and copywriting.
  • Agile working: You can apply an agile mindset to all aspects of your work. You can work in a fast-paced, evolving environment and use an iterative method and flexible approach to enable rapid delivery. You are unafraid to take risks, willing to learn from mistakes, and adapt quickly. 
  • Strategic thinking: You know how to focus on outcomes rather than solutions and activities.
  • User-centred content design: You can design content to meet user needs and make complex language and ideas easy to understand. You can understand and implement style and standards.
  • Curiosity: Understand the current state of the technology & design industry, and the verticals we serve. Be the catalyst to bring in new ideas that are in line with the standards of today while keeping an eye on the trends of tomorrow.
  • Collaborative: We are a tiny team, with larger than life goals, and would love for you to share our passion! Work closely with the team to achieve a high level of quality in the end product, including; ensuring the timeliness, completeness, correctness, and overall creative quality of content.
  • Tools: You should be comfortable with image and video editing softwares, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Premiere Pro, or similar. 


What we look for beyond required skills

In order to thrive at VentureDive, you

…are intellectually smart and curious

…have the passion for and take pride in your work

…deeply believe in VentureDive’s mission, vision, and values

…have a no-frills attitude

…are a collaborative team player

…are ethical and honest

Are you ready to put your ideas into products and solutions that will be used by millions?

You will find VentureDive to be a quick pace, high standards, fun and a rewarding place to work at. Not only will your work reach millions of users world-wide, you will also be rewarded with competitive salaries and benefits. If you think you have what it takes to be a VenDian, come join us ... we're having a ball!

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