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Internships/ Master projects in Software Development
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Based in Geneva (HQ), Singapore and Bangalore, operating in more than 30 countries, PSiDEO provides a wide range of premium outsourced IT services to global customers, as well as the technical expertise and reliability of a software publisher.

1. Real-Time Business Reporting (4-6 months internship)

During your internship, you will expand the reporting capabilities of B-Com with useful real-time information: how many people have registered themselves in the last day, how many free hotel rooms are still available, the number of aborted registrations and many more, all in the mindset of providing useful information about the status of the projects organized with B-Com, so that they can be used as a basis for business decisions. You will have to specify as well as implement the information flow from action performed in the application to report output on a web dashboard / reporting sheet in an efficient way.

Keywords: C#/.NET, SQL Server, Power BI, data analysis, reporting & business intelligence, modern web development

Required skills: Strong SQL skills. A first experience with C#/.NET is an asset

2. Continuing Education Credit Systems integration (6 months master project)

Attending a congress organized by the B-Com software may give its attendees credits towards their continuing education requirements. The goal of this project is to implement such a credit system in B-Com and allow its users to track their education goals and, on the organizer side, to award such credits. This project will include all the stages of the development – requirements gathering, specification as well as implementation of a useful feature of B-Com, an existing product already in use by many businesses.

Keywords: C#/.NET, SQL Server, modern web development, business analysis

Required skills: Good data-modelling and SQL skills. A first experience with C#/.NET, SQL Server and/or modern web technologies is an asset.

3. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Participant Interaction (6 months master project)

Before and during an event, participants will send a lot of “helpdesk” requests and questions via e-mails or other means. To better treat these requests, you will use machine learning to categorize them and extract relevant information (see for example https://youtu.be/WZm-RIXRU8M) and propose appropriate actions. Your project will help event managers working in our software, B-Com, to have more pertinent daily work and streamline their processes. The participants will benefit from shorter response time and getting the help of the right person. Aside from working on concrete problems involving complex business scenarios and large amounts of multilingual structured and unstructured data, you will get the chance to work together with a bunch of helpful developers who are open to try out new techniques and approaches.

Keywords: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, C#/.NET

Required skills: Good object-oriented programming skills, primary exposure to .NET a plus. Basic knowledge of machine learning (for example CS-433 http://edu.epfl.ch/coursebook/en/machine-learning-CS-433). The project will contain a practical part of interfacing with an existing product, so there will be quite a lot of programming involved (C# and T-SQL/SQL Server).

4. User Activity Tracking Module (3-4 months internship)

In order to analyze users’ activity and behavior, the B-Com Software Team would like to provide its users with fine-grained tracking reports to optimize attendees experience and users’ conversion rate while ensuring users privacy and related legal requirements.

Keywords: C#/.NET, SQL Server, modern web development, reporting, integration

Required skills: Strong object-oriented programming, data modelling and web development skills. Primary exposure to C#/.NET a plus.

For all the above offers:


- Student in computer science with interest in user-oriented and technical problems
- Good planning and organization skills
- Team spirit, autonomous, results driven
- Fluent in French and English


- Propose, design and implement desired features with a Swiss quality philosophy


Interested? Please send us your application in English.

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