Position: IT Information Systems Degree Apprenticeship 2020
Location: Stevenage
Job Code: DS009

Application Steps:

Step 1 Application: Complete all fields below in full; missing information may casue your application to be rejected.  Some of the questions require up to 200 word answers, so we suggest you set aside enough time to complete them in one session. This is your application and there is no need to attach a CV.

Application Closing Date: 28th February 2020

Step 2 Online Tests: Within 1 week of submitting the application you will recieve an email inviting you to complete an Online Strengths Test.  If you usually get extra time or support for such tests you will have the opportunity to request it then; by providing the relevant documentation.

Step 3 Application Review: Once you complete the Online Strengths Test application will be reviewed and if selected; you will be invited to attend an Assessment Centre.  These start in March and run until May, so you will not be informed on the outcome until early March 2020.

MBDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  If you have a disability or envisage any difficulties with this process, then please contact the Resourcing team
at and we will be happy to make reasonable adjustments.

Security Clearance

Due to the structure of the Early Careers Programme Apprentices must be eligible to gain UK Security Clearance without restrictions.
You are therefore required to hold a UK Nationality and to have lived in the UK for the previous 5 years.

Email Registration

Your email address will be used as your login name which allows you to return to our website, update your profile and apply to additional roles (max. 3 roles in total)



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Personal Information


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Nationality and Residency

Are you a UK National?

Do you hold any other Nationalities? (This is not the same is ethnicity)

If No; enter NA
If Yes; enter that Nationality

Have you remained in the UK for the last 5 years?
Please answer No if you have worked or travelled outside the UK for more than 4 weeks consecutively

If No, please enter the details of each period spent outside the UK including: Number of weeks, location and reason.

e.g 6 weeks travelling europe with my family / 5 weeks working in Spain


+ Add Another Education    

Please select the level at which you are currently studying
If you are no longer in education please select highest achieved. 

Please list Qualification, Predicted / Acheieved, Subject, Grade, and UCAS points.

          You can find out this information via the following website
          If you are studying a BTEC qualification please include the full name e.g. BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma.

For example

Qualification                                               Predicted / Achieved  Subject             Grade       UCAS Points 
A Level Predicted Maths C        32
A Level Predicted English B        40
AS Level Achieved Maths C        12
GCSE Achieved RE A        N/A
BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma Achieved Engineering D*D*D*        168




The following questions should be answered in full as its this information that will assist us in selecting you for an Assessment Centre.  There is no need to provide a CV.

Take your time to answer the questions and make full use of the word limit: up to 200 words per section. 

If you do not enter anything your application will be rejected; regardless of you taking the online tests (online test instructions will be sent to you within a week of submitting this application)

All our Apprenticeship schemes will require you to work as part of a team, this may be within one department or across several departments.
  Describe the benefits and/or challenages you think this may offer you?  

You may enter up to 200 words; make full use of the word allowance to build your application.

Please give a recent example of how you have improved or developed a skill.

What was the skill? Why did you want to improve / develop it? What did you do? How has this made you feel?

You may enter up to 200 words; make full use of the word allowance to build your application

We are in interested in knowing more about you as an individual;
You may want to tell us about your hobbies, interests, family commitments, work experience, voluntary work, your role in your friendship group etc. 
There is no wrong answer just describe the things that will help us get to know you.

You may enter up to 200 words; make full use of the word allowance to build your application

Additional Comments



Please enter any additional information you would like to provide about your application e.g. availability, best times to contact you, any special adjustments you may require etc.

Equal Opportunity Questionnaire

MBDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We would appreciate for you to complete the information below for our monitoring statistics:

Why do we ask for this? The information you provide below is not visiable to anyone involved in the recruitment process and does not form part of our assessment of you.  We aim to attract a diverse range of candidates to our Early Careers Programmes.  This information is used to evaluate how well we do this, and what more we can do to improve.

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